With Forehead Filling, Your Forehead Lines Disappear
With Forehead Filling, Your Forehead Lines Disappear

Facial lines that do not depend solely on physiological effects and age; It also depends on factors such as UV rays, stress, insomnia, gestures, and thirst. Lines on the forehead may also occur due to habits such as frowning or squinting. Lines that are generally horizontal and parallel on the forehead appear upright in the middle of the eyebrow. The frontal muscle is the muscle that moves the forehead transversely. Corrugator muscles also cause frowning. Frequent use of these muscles is also one of the main reasons for the formation of the forehead line. As you age, these lines may increase and you may be uncomfortable; At this point, the forehead filling injection process comes to your aid.


What is Forehead Filling?


Forehead filling is the filling injection process made to eliminate wrinkles and lines. Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are generally used inside the lines. Other types of fillings are polycaprolactone-containing fillings and Ca-hydroxyapatite-containing radiesse fillings. In addition, fat taken from your abdomen or hip area can be applied directly or as a stem cell-assisted fat injection. The type and amount of filling to be used should be determined by a specialist physician.


How is Forehead Filling Done?


 Before the procedure, local anesthetic creams are used to avoid pain. After the forehead filling procedure, slight redness may occur on the face that will pass after a short time. The processing time is between 15-30 minutes. Forehead filling, which has a permanence of about 9 months to 18 months, is a frequently preferred method among non-surgical medical aesthetic applications.



Who Can Perform This Procedure?


 The lines that occur in every person during the gestures are quite natural. These lines may occur even if there is no wrinkle. For example, you can see the lines on your forehead when you raise your eyebrows up. This is the squeezing of gestures and is a normal situation that does not require action. However, if you have wrinkles on your forehead without making facial expressions, you can have the forehead filling procedure. The first thing to do is botox. Then, forehead filling is applied. If you do not want your facial expressions to freeze with Botox, you can prefer direct forehead filling. Of course, you should discuss this issue in detail with a specialist physician.


What is the Post-Filling Process?


 Very fine-tipped needles are used as filling material. If you have sensitive skin, you may experience minor bruising. The redness and bruises that will occur are not permanent and disappear in a short time. If you encounter a condition such as swelling or edema, you can easily treat it with ice application and cream. You can continue your daily life without staying in the clinic after the procedure. To prevent possible damage, you should tell your physician if you have discomfort or a problem related to your skin.



Is Forehead Filling Permanent?


 The permanence of the forehead filling varies according to the thickness of the skin, the material used, and the wrinkles. Repeated sessions may be required to prolong the retention time. The filling, which is permanent for an average of 12-18 months, can be permanent for 2-3 years in the smart filling if it is handled. Wrinkles may reappear if you cannot apply the forehead filling procedure for the periods specified by your physician. For the wrinkles to disappear completely, the process should be applied in the specified periods.



Is It Harmful To Have Forehead Filling?


 Synthetic or semi-synthetic filling materials can have side effects. Fillers containing hyaluronic acid can be completely extracted from the body within 6-24 months. Therefore, the most ideal filling is a fat injection made with fillers containing hyaluronic acid or fat obtained from your own body.


What Will Change in Your Image After Filling?


 With the forehead filling process, you will have a more tense and aesthetic looking flat forehead. Hyaluronic acid will initiate constructive destruction on the forehead and maintain a smooth and shiny skin texture by keeping the liquid that is necessary for the skin but disappears over time.


Those who are satisfied with the appearance after forehead filling. Those who get rid of this situation for wrinkles, the tired expression on the face without making a mimic experience the happiness of healthy skin. When you take a smooth and straight take, it is now easy to achieve this! To get reliable and unbiased information, You can ask questions about Op. Dr. Alpaslan Topçu, get advice about purchase filling prices.