Which Areas Is Genital Aesthetics Applied What Changes in Women's Life
Which Areas Is Genital Aesthetics Applied What Changes in Women's Life

Genital aesthetics, which has become a very popular subject in aesthetic surgery in recent years, not only breaks taboos but also drew attention to the excessive problems experienced by women in this field. Fortunately, women are now aware that their problems such as genetic vaginal sagging, clitoris enlargement, or Venus crest swelling that affect their lives and occur as a result of various factors can be solved! All of these can be solved by genital area aesthetic surgery. So what operations are needed in which situation?



What are the Types of Vaginal Aesthetics? What is Labiaplasty?


Every woman has the right to have the desired vagina appearance. Vaginal deformations negatively affect both the social and sexual lives of women by causing a lack of self-confidence, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and hygiene problems. In this respect, genital aesthetic methods, which have become widespread in recent years, are of great importance. These surgical interventions, also called vaginal aesthetics, can be divided into four sections as labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, clitoris aesthetics and, vulva aesthetics.


Although labiaplasty is the most widely known method of genital area aesthetics, it is the general name given to aesthetic operations performed on structures called labium in the external genital area. Vaginal sagging and aesthetic deformations in this area cause questions such as how does vaginal sagging occur in the minds of women, how does the vaginal outer lip sag and how does the vaginal inner lip sag. While seeking answers to these questions, the comments of those who have had vaginal tightening surgery and the personal experiences told by those who have had Labiaplasty are of great importance for women. It is also important to eliminate the concern about whether there will be loss of sensation after labiaplasty or to explain carefully the information about the things to be considered after labiaplasty for the patients to prepare themselves for the operation psychologically.


Inner lip sagging is a common problem. It may occur as a result of genetic factors, frequent weight changes, or physical changes due to age. Although vaginal outer lip aesthetics is a relatively rare aesthetic method, there are examples. However, all these unwanted structural changes can be removed by removing the excess tissue from the area, thanks to the Labiaplasty method. While comparisons before and after labiaplasty are important because they can show the improvement achieved in patients, they also affect the healing process very positively.



Vaginal Tightening Surgery and Regained Self-Confidence


The most prominent cause of vaginal enlargement in women is vaginal deformation due to loosening due to birth. The vagina may expand due to the postpartum relaxation of the muscles contracted during delivery, together with the weight gained during pregnancy. At this point, genital area aesthetics is important. Individuals who have recently given birth who are not feeling well mentally can decide to do vaginal aesthetics by exchanging ideas with those who do genital aesthetics after small research. The biggest change in women who regain their physical condition with a properly selected vaginoplasty method is the psychological one. In successful operations, it starts gradually in the healing process. Mental recovery and gradual disappearance of surgical scars help women regain their self-confidence.


Curiosity About Cliteroplasty


The clitoris is the swollen area covered by the lips at the junction of the vagina lips. In some cases, it is larger or puffy than it should be, which poses an aesthetic problem. Sometimes it is accompanied by sagging lips and two problems can be corrected with a single operation. It can be easily solved by removing the excess tissue from the area during surgery. Pubis aesthetics is a less known type of genital aesthetics. It occurs with the growth of the bulging area in the upper part of the genital area after weight gain. With the removal of excess adipose tissue after a surgical intervention, the vulva is physically restored.


The purpose of all these vaginal aesthetics is to eliminate a problem that negatively affects the individual both physically and psychologically. When the necessary issues are taken into account in the healing process, which is of great importance, the recovery period becomes shorter and the best results can be achieved. To eliminate an aesthetic problem in your genital area that wears you out. You can contact Op. Dr. Alpaslan Topçu and get information about vaginal aesthetic methods and prices.