Vela Shape III offers an effective solution to the problem of cellulite with body shaping, regional thinning. It is the first and only technology that combines the technology of vacuum and tissue with the manipulation of tissue to reduce the appearance and the volume of the fatty tissue.

To which areas can VelaSHape III be implemented?

It provides successful solutions to the need for tightness and recovery after pregnancy. It provides an overall improvement in the appearance of cracks in different parts of the body due to different causes. A regional decrease in skin laxity and volume leads to a general improvement in skin texture and an improvement in appearance of the skin with cellulitis.

What is VelaSHape III Technology?

VelaShape III combines IR (infra-red), bi-polar RF (radiofrequency) and vacuum to delicately heat the tissue to depths of 3mm and 15mm respectively. The IR and vacuum-coupled RF technologies provide in-depth heating of the fusion fat cells (adipocytes), the fibrous septate connective tissue surrounding them, and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. The higher output power of RF provides more efficient heating of adipocytes. The optimal design of the electrodes and the simultaneous application of the vacuum allows the heat to penetrate deeper and faster.

Then it increases circulation, lymphatic drainage, rate of cell metabolism and collagen formation. It also stimulates fibroblast activity and causes reconstruction in the extracellular matrix.

How is the VelaSHape lll Implemented?

Prior to the process, the expert who will do the implementation will ask you to fill out a form. This form allows the expert to have information about your medical history. Then a test will be applied to measure the level of sensitivity of your skin so that you can have a comfortable, relaxed session. A special spray will be applied deeply to protect your skin immediately before treatment begins and to make you comfortable during the procedure. To the region to be treated , a special hand tool will be fitted. The energy can be increased or decreased depending on the situation for the most customized effect possible for all skin types and for a comfortable treatment. Most patients treat the process as a warm deep tissue massage.

The FDA has confirmed that this implementation is suitable for all skin types and does not involve any unwanted effect. Clinical studies and surveys reveal that there is no side effect in the short or long run.
One implementation can last for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours, depending on the region treated and how many areas there are to be treated.

How does VelaSHape lll affect?

• It is recommended that the implementation is done by skipping a week. Once the treatment is completed, treatment is repeated at regular intervals according to the patient's condition to ensure the finality of the result is obtained.
• Provides a regional reduction in skin laxity and volume. Overall improvement in skin structure and improvement in cellulite appearance is observed.
• The efficacy and safety of VelaShape treatment has been proven by numerous clinical trials and independent treatments on more than 5 million patients worldwide.
• Studies show that VelaShape III treatment results in a thinning of more than 2 cm in the abdominal region and about 1.5 cm in the thighs.
• In a study on women who has given birth lately, an average of 10% thinning was observed in the treated areas of patients.