Even if you sleep as much as you can, did you start to notice bags under your eyes? Over time, due to loss of volume and altered bone structure, the skin underneath the eyes gets thinner, dark rings and bags form. Face fillings give the skin HA which is lost in the skin, giving volume around the eyes and smoothen the lines.


To achieve a natural youthful appearance, the lost volume in the eye area can be recycled, the crow’s foot can be corrected, and lifting the eyebrow area can increase the symmetry. With multiple techniques, the treatment approach is now more specific and customized.


How is under-eye bag operation?


The eyelids are an area where the signs of aging begin early. For this reason, it is one of the early aesthetic operations done in the middle age. Blepharoplasty (eyelid aesthetic) is an operation that removes excess skin from the eyelids and removes the sagging from the eyelids. With aging, the skin of the upper eyelid increases, and the fatty tissue in this area bulges forward. These sagging can sometimes go down to the field of vision. Overlapping of the skin in the lower eyelid make several folds, with the loosening of the fat tissue, the membranes it herniates forward, there may be some collapses in the under-eye. In Blepharoplasty there are different operative techniques. As a standard, in this operation, the upper eyelids are opened from the lid folds, the lower eyelids are opened under the eyelashes, and the necessary reinforcements are made for herniation (taking extra fat tissue if necessary) and the lids are stitched after taking off the excess skin. For eyelid lip wrinkles (crow’s foot) it is necessary to slide the operation limit on the lower cover to the side. In this way, the upper outer part of the side is slightly stretched. For operation, local anesthesia is generally preferred.



Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon Alpaslan Topçu leads the women with the philosophy of "being like yourself" as well as the trends that are in the foreground in the New Year. And "Special techniques that destroy the double chin will remove the stress of women. Non-surgical prominent ear interventions will again mark 2017. He continues to state: "In 2017 there are new methods and trends, especially for women,


What are the latest techniques for double chin operations?


In the neck region, the type of operation is decided according to the patient's physical examination result. Age progression is due to external factors such as skin type, sun, smoking and sagging in the back of the neck due to gravity, fat accumulation and weakening and separation in the neck muscles. The most important factors in determining the type of operation we will perform in the patient are the age and skin quality of the patient. Although there is no exact age limit, if the skin sagging is not obvious in patients under the age of 45 years, it may be reshaped by liposuction technique and by taking off the subcutaneous fat tissue. In patients who do not want operation, Cold Lipolysis technology can reduce the fat in the double chin area. If there is sagging of the skin alongside with fat accumulation in the patient and separation in the neck muscles, liposuction and neck lifting operation should also be performed. Among the latest techniques, alongside with laser liposuction technique, liposuction and skin lifting can be added to achieve more effective results. In addition, skin lifting can be achieved with Focused Ultrasound, Fractional Radiofrequency application in patients who do not have too much skin sagging, have less skin fat underlays, and more clear wrinkles. In addition to these applications, Botox can also reduce the visibility of muscle bands.