Stretching and lipolysis procedures are performed in a single session, for those who are not ready for surgical intervention yet for those who look for natural look since the procedure requires no operation.

How is Thermilift Applied?

The procedure can be applied both on both face and the body. The biggest difference from the existing methods applied on the skin surface of ThermiLift is that it is focused under the skin without affecting the skin surface. Because the laser applied from the surface of the skin can damage the tissues when moving down from above, in this method the head with the thin tip is placed under the skin. After that controlled thermal energy is applied to the target tissue to provide a reduction, tightening effect. Let me explain it by giving an everyday life case; instead of saying "let's see what happens" by turning the air conditioner to -5 degrees when we want to balance the temperature in a room, we will just adjust the desired temperature and wait for the ambient temperature to be what we want. This method works the same way. It also meets the need of stretching and tightening with lifting effect while solving the fat problem of the patients. The biggest difference between the existing methods is that it provides the same solution for two problems.

Where is Thermilift Effective?

It is effective for:
- Face, double chin, neck, eye contour, arm sagging,
- fat accumulation in the abdominal, back, the extent of hipline,
- hip lifting, vaginal tightening,
- underarm sweating and
- urinary incontinence in women.

How does the procedure after the Implementation Works?

Application period is between 40-60 min according to area applied. Following application which is done under local anesthesia, 2 days of tight clothing use (face mask, body corset) the patients then can continue their daily life without any obvious swelling.

In the application of Thermilift, whose effects are clearly seen after the first month, the skin becomes tight and the contour becomes visible for up to 1 year. Permanence lasts for at least 2-3 years depending on the onset of aging.

To Whom can Thermilift be Applied to?

Thermilift application can be applied to anyone other than patients with pregnancy, heart pacemaker, and ear implants.