The Most Curious After Breast Aesthetics
The Most Curious After Breast Aesthetics

Nowadays, women who are deformed in the chest area after any health problem, individuals who are not satisfied with their breast structure and want to make changes in their appearance can achieve the desired appearance with a successful breast aesthetic operation.


Patients go through a certain recovery process after breast augmentation, reduction, and lifting operations using different methods. During this process, patients who act attentively and carefully by following the advice of their doctor can return to their daily routines in a short time.


What is the Healing Process After Silicone Surgery?


Patients who have undergone chest surgery are usually discharged during the day. In some cases, the doctor may recommend that the patient rest at the hospital for a day. In the hours after the operation, pain begins to occur as the effect of the drugs decreases. At this stage, there may be a feeling of pressure and fullness in the chest area. These are the natural reactions of the body to the operation. This process takes approximately 3 days and can be controlled with pain medication given by the doctor.


The dressings in the area are opened 3-4 days after the breast aesthetics are performed. This moment when the patient sees the new breast structure for the first time is not a suitable period to compare before and after breast aesthetics. Because at this stage, swelling and bruises can be observed in the area. Of course, these situations are temporary. When the healing process is completed, the patient will notice that he has achieved the desired appearance.


When Is The Breast Aesthetics Recovery Process Complete?


Patients return to their social activities and work-life from the second week of the operation. Patients working in an office environment can return to work, on average, from the 5th day. However, for 2 months following the surgery, the patient should be gentle on their breasts and avoid hard movements and heavy work.


Loss of sensation may occur in the area in the weeks after breast aesthetics. This situation ends in 2 months on average. In this process, one should not worry and be patient.


It is useful to wait for the healing of the wounds and the reduction of the edema in the area to compare before and after breast augmentation, reduction, or breast lift. After the body calms down and returns to normal, a new chest contour will appear. Patients can observe the change in their bodies after the first week. At the end of the 1st month, silicones begin to settle. After breast aesthetics, it may take 4-6 months for the breasts to take their full shape.


What Should Be Done After Breast Surgery?


The patient should have plenty of rest on the first day after breast aesthetics. From the 2nd and 3rd day, you can take short walks in the house and outdoors, spend time with daily activities such as reading books and newspapers and watching TV series.


After the breast aesthetics, care should be taken to the wound opened during the operation and where silicones are placed. At this stage, creams given by the doctor should be used and the operation area should be moistened. A scar cream recommended by the surgeon should be used for at least 3 months after the skin wound is completely healed. Care to be applied to the area is very important to obtain a perfect appearance.


Edema and swelling may occur after silicone surgery. This situation, which is observed after almost any operation, can be considered as a reaction of the body to external intervention. Because the area that is forced and jammed during the surgery starts to collect edema and this causes visible swelling in the area.


Is Massage Applied After Silicone Surgery?


The swelling formation after the silicone surgery will begin to decrease gradually after the 3rd day. However, after breast surgery, edema does not dissipate immediately and does not decrease completely. At this stage, massage applications can be used after silicone surgery. Breast massage to be performed in line with the instructions of the surgeon performing the operation accelerates the removal of edema by expanding the lymph channels. The massage application that will start from the end of the first week should be done regularly for about 3 months.


What Should Be Considered After The Operation?


Care should be taken for the laundry to be used after the operation. At this stage, the surgeon will direct the patient to medical bras or sports bras that cover the breasts. The use of these bras for 2 months after the procedure is very important in terms of efficient recovery.


Bandages should be expected to come off before taking a shower after breast aesthetics. If patients get the approval of their doctor, they can take a bath after the dressing is removed. One should not go to the sea and pool for a while after breast aesthetics. For such activities, the wounds on the skin should be expected to heal completely and the doctor's approval. Otherwise, the area may become infected. The harmful and burning rays of the sun are also among the situations that should be avoided after breast aesthetics. One should not go out in the sun for 3 months after the operation without using protective cream.


When Can You Start Exercising After Breast Aesthetics?


Procedures in the chest area do not prevent people from doing sports. However, the intensity and weight of the sport should be determined according to the healing process. Patients can start taking long walks at the end of the first week. From the 2nd week, you can switch to brisk walking and running, and at the end of the first month, you can turn to more active and active sports. At this stage, it is important to follow the doctor's advice and listen to the body. The patient should not force himself and behave carefully.


Does Silicone Prevent Breastfeeding?


After breast aesthetics, you can feed your baby with breast milk without having breastfeeding problems. Because milk ducts are definitely not damaged in the silicone operation performed by a successful surgeon. Since the area where the silicone is placed and the operation technique does not damage the milk ducts, silicone does not prevent breastfeeding.


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