The Most Common Problems and Causes After Lip Filling
The Most Common Problems and Causes After Lip Filling

Plump lips, which women cannot give up when they talk about beauty, turn from a dream to reality in the hands of experienced plastic surgeons. Full lips accompanying high cheekbones, the most important points of facial beauty, bring the charm to the climax. It adds a completely different atmosphere to your smile with the volume that your lips need, prominent lip contours, and lip filling applications. In addition to the thinness of the lips, lip filling is a solution with its easy applicability to eliminate symmetry disorders. It is also possible to create an aesthetic smile with lip filling. For a beautiful smile, your upper gums should not be visible. At this point, lip filling made by expert hands is the guarantee of confident smiles.



How Should a Natural Lip Filler Be?


Having aesthetic and eye-catching lips gives women an extra sense of self-confidence and satisfaction. For this reason, those who find the shape of their lips thin, voluminous, and shapeless, who want to eliminate age-related lowness over time, prefer lip filling applications that return to daily life in a short time. The most preferred method is the use of hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in our body, as a filling material… By injecting hyaluronic acid to the desired areas of the lip, the desired volume and shape can be achieved in the lip filling. In this application, which is performed without the need for a surgical procedure, injections into the lip line are one of the most important procedures to make the lip contours clear.


Avoid Poor Quality and Sloppy Applications


After the lip filling that is applied so easily and you can continue your daily life on the same day, what you need to do is to pay attention to the points your doctor says. However, it is an issue that should be taken into consideration in terms of getting the result you want to make these applications in expert hands ... Not using quality products, sloppy and careless It is possible to experience unpleasant results in your aesthetic appearance after the applications. Among the side effects of lip filling, results such as clumping, bruising, swelling, lip fall after lip filling draw attention. If you have someone around you who says "I regret having lip fillers", you are right to worry. However, the quality of the hyaluronic acid used in lip filling, the plastic surgeon's experience in the application, and a sterile environment will eliminate your concerns. At the same time, the use of filling material must be proportionate. Using an appropriate dose will prevent the problem of upper lip swelling after lip filling.



Consider Your Doctor's Post-Implementation Suggestions


Since hyaluronic acid used in lip filling is also a naturally occurring substance in our body, it does not have a harmful effect. However, using another filling material to give volume to the lips will cause the body to perceive it as a foreign substance and to experience some troubles. If you hear complaints such as "lip filling melted immediately" around you, this is an indication that the filling material used is of poor quality and the dosage is not well adjusted. Paying attention to your doctor's recommendations after the application is as important as the procedure itself. Care should be taken in the first 10 days to avoid lumps on the lips. The appearance of bruising after lip augmentation within 2-3 days after the application of the procedure is a normal situation due to needle marks.


Swelling after lip filling is also a temporary problem caused by minor tissue damage during application. If the density of the filling is not adjusted well, it may cause you to face symmetry disorder after lip filling. One of the points you should pay attention to after the application is to avoid places such as extremely hot baths and saunas and to avoid activities such as swimming. Such actions may cause you to experience problems such as excessive edema after lip filling, as well as the risk of infection. In this case, it will be correct to contact your doctor without wasting time.


Attention to Permanent Lip Filling!


One of the most common applications in aesthetic surgery, it is necessary to avoid permanent filling procedures and especially the use of extraordinary materials. Eternal applications that do not adapt to the natural structure of the body may be a harbinger of irreversible problems in lip filling. Permanent stiffness in the lip structure, impaired symmetry, distortion of natural lip movements, loss of naturalness of your smile. Who wants to experience all these? For more detailed information about lip filling and operation prices, please visit our lip filling page.