While in the after process of classical liposuction applications collapses in the fat tissue, potholes and deep sagging can be seen, the 'techno lipo' used by new generation technologies reduces side effects, helps the fat to break down more intensively and at the same time helps the body lift.

Tightens the skin while breaking up the fats

The most important advantage of Laser Assisted Liposuction over other liposuction methods is the skin tightening effect proven clinically and experimentally with publications. Thus, the most frightening side effects after liposuction; the fluctuations and collapses in the skin are minimized. Increase in skin quality has been proven in the upcoming period.

The 'infrasonic liposuction' in which the fine cannulas break up the fats with special rotational movements makes less damage to the tissues. Thanks to this, swelling, bleeding and aches after surgery decrease. Patients return to their social lives much more quickly.

The combination of Laser Assisted Liposuction and 'Infrasonic Liposuction' will help to get more fat, cause less trauma and tighten your skin. Thus, while tightening of the skin is achieved, after surgery bruise, swelling and pain is reduced. Corset use after classical liposuction is 4-6 weeks, but after using Laser Liposuction and infrasonic liposuction method, corset usage time decreased to 2 weeks.

None of the liposuction operations can be done for weight loss purposes.