Situations Requiring Mandatory Nose Aesthetics and Their Solutions
Situations Requiring Mandatory Nose Aesthetics and Their Solutions

Today, nose aesthetics is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations. Undoubtedly, the reason for this is that it is located in our most prominent region, in the middle of our face. Besides being an aesthetically very important organ, the nose; is also vitally important as it provides the functions of breathing, smelling, humidifying the inhaled air, filtering foreign particles in the inhaled air, heating the air, and making our voice unique to us. Your nose consists of skin, nasal bones, cartilages, a cartilage-bone structure called a septum, and mucosa. Necessary nasal aesthetics are planned and performed due to the defects occurring in any of these structures.


Bone formation in the nose, broken nose, nasal slippage, or genetic reasons, such as nasal deformity, curvature, stenosis, and crooked nose can be seen. Deformities can affect essential functions such as breathing and sleeping, as well as giving you a feeling of discomfort because your nose is not compatible with your facial features.


These requests of patients who do not have any anatomical discomfort but think that their nose is not suitable for their faces and who want to have a rhinoplasty to change this situation are important not only as physical anxiety but also as a situation that may lead to psychological disorders. If there is a deformity in the outer part of your nose, then you may choose to have a rhinoplasty surgery for aesthetic purposes only. After rhinoplasty surgery due to deformity, the person's self-confidence is restored.


Nasal Aesthetics for Breathing and Sleep Disorders


Structural and functional problems in the nose can prevent the patient from breathing well and in good quality, which affects the patient's quality of life negatively. Causes such as bone growth in the nose, the bone protrusion in the nose, cartilage growth in the nose, nasal congestion prevent you from breathing correctly and sufficiently during the day and cause snoring at night. In this case, it may be possible to have rhinoplasty surgery.


If there is a problem in the septum inside your nose, it causes difficulties in breathing. Septoplasty surgery to correct breathing problems eliminates this difficulty. In septum deviation, which is one of the most common disorders, the curvature of the septum that divides the nose into two can also block the air channels in the bone and cartilage tissue. This causes breathing from one side of the nose.


Bone removal surgery will provide great relief to the patient at this point. The answer to the question of what will happen if I do not have septum deviation surgery is that the patient who has this problem cannot breathe properly and one side of the nose is always blocked. Besides, it does not fall asleep comfortably and has a mouth opening. Another type of difficulty in breathing is the sticking of the nose wings during breathing, creating an unhealthy situation. In this case, nasal valve surgery is suitable for the patient.


If there is a growth in the turbinate tissues, which is called flesh in the nose and causes respiratory distress, then nasal concha surgery is applied to the patient. After the nasal aesthetic surgery suitable for the needs of the patient, the person starts to breathe comfortably, night snoring and mouth opening problem disappear.


Why is it Important to Choose the Right Nose Aesthetics for You?


Since the structures in the nose are interconnected, deformation in one can be reflected in the others. Surgical interventions performed based on a single disease may not give correct results. For this reason, evaluating the structure of the nose as a whole and determining the necessary surgical intervention, as a result, provides much more efficient conclusions. You can reach the necessary intervention by consulting a specialist physician even in cases where you cannot achieve the desired result with the aesthetic surgery you have had before.


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