Non-Surgical Chin Aesthetics with Jawline Filling
Non-Surgical Chin Aesthetics with Jawline Filling

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to experience big changes even with a small aesthetic intervention. Jawline, which is performed without surgery, provides sharpening of the chin and jawline, rejuvenation and revitalization of the face. The percentage golden ratio is achieved and the face gains a more aesthetic appearance. Thus, the targeted flawless face profile is revealed.



What is Jawline? Why is it done?

Jawline, the name was given to the hard line on the chin in English, is also known as the chin tip filler. It is a kind of non-permanent facial aesthetics applied to the chin or the sides of the chin. It is applied to eliminate deformities in the chin and to balance facial asymmetry. It can also be done to get the 'V' shape that disappears on the face.


How is Jawline Filling Made, How Long Does It Take?

After the question of what is Jawline, one of the most curious questions is how to make a Jawline. The chin and a sharp jawline together with the cheekbones form the outline of the facial area. Various injection techniques and various fillers are used in the jawline jaw sharpening process for those who want to gain an appearance suitable for today's aesthetic understanding. Among these varieties, we can list fat cells obtained from your own body, hyaluronic acid, which is the most used filler, or bovine collagen substances that require an allergy test 4 weeks before the treatment. After the filler material is determined for the procedure, your front and side photos are taken to evaluate the problem objectively. Areas to be filled are determined. To reduce the pain, the area is numbed with cream or needle. The filling material is injected under the skin with small needles. Thus, the chin projection increases, and the desired aesthetic lines are created with more pronounced facial features in the 'V' shape. The chin aesthetics, which is frequently preferred by men and women today, is performed in a short time like 15 minutes.


Who Is It Suitable For Chin Filling?

Chin filling is suitable for anyone who wants to have more balanced facial features or who want to have an attractive and symmetrical face line. Apart from these requests, any individual who has different deformities in the jaw part can have Jawline filling. The most common disorders; Lack of volume, lower chin, small, asymmetrical appearance, or sagging under the chin. Those with such complaints and similar complaints can easily get rid of their complaints thanks to the chin filling. For individuals under the age of 18 who have problems in social life due to their jaw appearance, chin filling can be performed with the written approval of their parents.


What are the Advantages of Jawline Filling?

There are 2 techniques, with and without surgery. While surgical techniques produce permanent solutions, filling and liposuction techniques are procedures that do not require surgical techniques. The fact that chin filling is a non-surgical procedure is a great advantage, especially for those who are afraid of surgery. It does not require you to stay in the hospital. It allows the simple correction of many problems and deformities in the jaw in a single session. It offers a fast and practical solution. It does not require a recovery period. Besides, jaw filling prices vary depending on the severity and type of jaw disorder, the condition of the patient, the filling material to be used, and the physician who will apply the procedure, but it is very economical compared to procedures that require anesthesia and open surgery. Individuals who are looking for a permanent solution but are undecided about the surgery can see the change in their faces in a short time and make a clear decision by doing it before and after the jaw filling thanks to Jawline.


How Long Are Jaw Filling Results Lasting? Can the Application Be Undone?

The filler injection used disappears within a certain period depending on the nature of the product. The patient's metabolic rate, anatomical structure, applied dose are among the factors affecting the permanence of the filling. Although it varies from person to person, it usually has a permanence of 12-18 months. The patient may feel stiffness and edema in the jaw after the application, but after 2 weeks the filling is integrated with the tissue, and softening begins. It is also possible to take it back immediately after it is made. Hyaluronic acid is both one of the acids found in our body and a substance used in chin filling. The area where it was injected also keeps its shape for a long time. Therefore, it is seen as an ideal filling material. When the filling is desired to be removed from the chin, the hyaluronidase enzyme, which can dissolve hyaluronic acid, is injected into the area where the filling is made. It disappears completely within 24 hours.


What Should Be Considered After Chin Filling?

Those who have chin fillers should not make up for the first 4 hours and avoid applying acidic products to the skin for the first 24 hours. Light exercises should be done instead of heavy exercises on the day of filling. Spa, sauna, and hot bath should be avoided within the period determined by the doctor. After the procedure, the area where the filling was injected should not be touched. Therefore, massage should not be applied to the treated area unless indicated by the doctor. Besides, bruises and swelling can be seen on the tip of the chin after chin filling. It is stated to the patient that this situation is temporary. In case of any pain, you can use pain medications given by your doctor.

Sharp facial features allow you to have more attractive facial features and help you gain an aesthetic appearance. To have more attractive facial features immediately and to get detailed information about chin filling prices special for you, You can contact Op. Dr. Alpaslan Topçu.