More Aesthetic Ears With Ear Lobe Reduction Surgery
More Aesthetic Ears With Ear Lobe Reduction Surgery

Ear lobe reduction is an aesthetic surgery performed to reshape and resize your earlobes. Earlobes may have a tendency to elongate or grow with age, except for genetic factors. You may have congenital elongation in one or both of your earlobes, due to aging, or heavy cubes wore, or you may have earlobes that are distinct and different in size and shape that will disturb you. These problems may not harm you physically, but they will affect how you perceive yourself psychologically because they will affect your appearance.


Thanks to today's aesthetic technology, many aesthetic interventions can be done on the ear. Ear lobe reduction is the second aesthetic intervention in the ear area after prominent ear surgery. If you have one of these problems, you can correct the damage in your ear, improve the shape, and maintain the balance in the structure of your face thanks to the earlobe aesthetics. You can improve your facial appearance by shrinking the earlobes according to the size of the ear.


How is the Earlobe Reduction Operation Performed?

Ear lobe reduction is a procedure that can be performed in a clinical setting under local anesthesia by numbing only the ear area and can be treated with approximately one-hour surgery. After the ear is analyzed by your doctor, its angles and sizes are determined according to your face. After the numbing procedure, the excess tissue is cut and removed, and the surgery is completed with stitches. The patient does not feel pain-ache during the operation and will be on his own. The minimal pain felt after the surgery can be relieved with simple oral painkillers.


What Should Be Considered After Ear Lobe Reduction?

After ear lobe surgery, which is a permanent procedure, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the operation area. A thin antibiotic ointment should be applied to protect the incision area from infection. Medicines prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly within the specified time. Although it is difficult for the ear to return to its original state after the procedure, it is necessary not to force the ear lobe with heavy earrings. For ear piercing, the earlobe should be expected to soften again, and it should be done at least 2-3 months after the operation.


Who Can Have Ear Lobe Reduction Operation?

There is no specific age limit for ear lobe reduction. Generally, any individual who has completed puberty and has a large earlobe can be operated on. If individuals under the age of 18 apply for the surgery, the operation is performed if the parents' consent is received.



Are There Any Scars After Ear Lobe Reduction Surgery?

There is no noticeable scar after ear lobe reduction operation. Nevertheless, in all aesthetic surgeries, there will be a small scar after ear lobe aesthetics, as there is a scar on the incision site. In 5-6 months, the scar becomes vague. Although this situation varies according to the skin color of the individual for each patient, the scar will disappear after a year.


Is there any harm to the operation?

No harm or side effects of the ear lobe reduction operation have been observed until now. Since it is an operation performed only on the earlobe, it does not affect your hearing or other functions related to your ear. You can return to your normal and business life immediately after the operation. You can continue your studies and physical activities. Ear lobe reduction prices vary according to the operation and the region.


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You can also provide an aesthetic appearance on your face with ear reduction surgery, which is a fast and practical method. Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist You can get detailed information by contacting Op. Dr. Alpaslan Topçu.