Lip Filler: The Secret of Full and Attractive Lips
Lip Filler: The Secret of Full and Attractive Lips

Women who want fuller lips are going to be the most favored to make aesthetic changes in lip filler. Structurally thin lips can become thinner due to reasons such as a decrease in the elasticity of the skin due to aging. At this stage, women want to have lip fillers to thicken thin lips. As for today's surgical and non-surgical Lip used two different methods. The primary choice of women who do not like surgery is the non-surgical method.


How Should the Ideal Lip Shape Be?


Ideal lip; It is the lip where the lower lip is slightly fuller than the upper lip. Besides, the curvature of the upper lip called eros arc should be prominent, the lip contour should be clear, there should be no roughness on the lip skin and the upper gums should not be visible when laughing. Naturally curled, thin; In other words, those who have asymmetric and straight lines and those whose lips have lost their volume and deformed as they get older can have natural lip filling. Apart from these, those who want to feel more attractive with fuller lips can also have lip filling.


What are the Types of Lip Fillers?


Many types of dermal fillers are injected around the lips and mouth. The most commonly used of these are the types of filling materials that contain hyaluronic-like substances. Contrary to popular belief, hyaluronic acid is not a harmful substance, but a natural molecule found in the human body. Thanks to this substance, the lip volume is increased. The surgical lip filling application is applied by local anesthesia and is completed with an operation that takes about ten minutes. No burning, pain, itching, and pain is felt during or after the operation. Results are obtained immediately after lip filling application. You may experience sensitivity on your lips for only 1-2 days. However, you will not experience any loss of sensation in your lips as it is thought. Lip filling can be applied in two types, temporary and permanent. When the temporary filling is made, the material it contains is absorbed by your body after a certain time. That's why you need to do the same process periodically to shape the lips. Permanent lip filling, on the other hand, is a method that specialist doctors do not recommend unless it is mandatory, and it is difficult to return.


Get Voluminous Lips With Lip Filler


Firstly, the shape of the lips to plump the lips; is calculated based on your general facial features and smile. Attention is paid to every detail such as the pit of your upper lip and the tip of the nose at the same point, the symmetry created by your lower lip and chin, and how your lips take shape while laughing. After the calculations, the most suitable lip design is made on your face like drawing a picture. Then the filling is started. When applying lip filling, it is aimed not only to increase the volume of the lip but also to make the lip heart more pronounced and the folds that will make the lip look more attractive.


Feel the Magnificent Effects of Lip Aesthetics Every Moment

Beautiful and plump lips affect your facial expression, facial expressions, and emotionally reflected expressions. Thin, voluminous, and straight lips always make you look unhappy, anxious, or angry. Lip filling is one of the first applications that should be done carefully and carefully among aesthetic operations. Considering how disturbing even the slightest roughness or herpes on the lips is, the importance of the filling process becomes more evident. For this reason, you should definitely apply to plastic surgeons who are experts in the field for filling the application.


Achieve your dream lips by having lip augmentation with or without surgery! At this point, a reliable physician in lip filling and other aesthetic operations. You can contact Op. Dr. Alpaslan Topçu and get information about lip filler prices.