Leg Aesthetics with Liposuction
Leg Aesthetics with Liposuction

Legs are one of the areas where weight problems are experienced in the body. Some diseases can also cause leg deformities. In this case, the need for leg thinning may occur. Leg thinning can be done with an easy procedure called liposuction.

How Is Leg Slimming Done?

Fats that exist in the leg thinning process should be removed. This process is done with liposuction applications. Different liposuction techniques are applied to each patient. In some cases, small incisions can be made in the legs to remove fat. The cellulite laser is used to dissolve herniated fat tissues, allowing the legs to be thinned and tightened effectively. Before all these applications, individuals are met with personalized treatment plans after a careful examination process.


What is Leg Thinning Surgery?

Surgical removal of excess fat in the legs is called leg thinning surgery. This procedure is one of the most common types of leg aesthetics. In this operation, which can be performed easily, applications such as upper leg thinning and inner leg thinning are performed according to the needs of the patient. It is possible to maintain the slim form of your legs by regularly exercising and paying attention to your diet after surgery. It is also very important to stay away from smoking and alcohol use to keep this process healthy.


What Should Be Considered Before Surgery?

It is important to be hungry for 6-8 hours before the leg thinning operation. For this reason, you should not eat or drink anything after midnight. It is also very important that you do not use blood thinners such as Aspirin and Plaquenil before the surgery. If you smoke, your recovery period after surgery will be prolonged. Quitting smoking is effective in healthily completing your treatment process. Before the operation, your doctor will routinely give you some blood tests. These tests also determine whether you are resistant to anesthesia. If your blood values ​​are not suitable or your anesthesia resistance is not found sufficient, you will not be taken into leg thinning surgery.


Is There an Age Limit for the Operation?

Any person aged 18 and over can have this operation with their free will. The lower age limit is within the legal regulations. Parental approval is required for individuals between the ages of 15-18 to have leg slimming practices. There is no upper age limit for the leg thinning operation. There is no harm in applying this leg aesthetics to people whose health condition and anesthesia resistance are suitable.


Does Leg Thinning Operation Leave a Mark?

It may be necessary to make a small incision on the legs during the leg thinning operation. This tiny incision will become unclear after a while. Only doctors who look very carefully can notice this incision. Since the skin colors of the patients are different from each other, this incision will be less pronounced in some people. Especially brunettes are more advantageous in hiding the incision scar. It is usual for the incision to appear more prominent after surgery in patients with white skin, and this scar will become faint over time.


Different Techniques Can Be Used For Inner Leg Thinning

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon Op. Dr. Alpaslan Topçu's scientific and innovative approaches, you can safely have your leg thinning operation done. Thanks to personalized treatment plans, you can make your legs look slimmer with applications suitable for your needs and health condition.