How many types of leg aesthetics practices are there?

We can separate the leg aesthetics into Surgical and Non-Surgical. The most common method we use in non-surgical applications is temporary filling applications that can be performed under office conditions. Particularly in small-sized leg contour disorders filling applications are preferred. We can use non-surgical assistive methods and devices for leg beautifying. But it is imperative to share with the patient that these devices are not a permanent solution and that better results can be achieved with intermittent applications.

To whom the leg aesthetics can be applied?

In younger patients, laser liposuction is usually sufficient for non-aesthetic image defects in the legs. However, surgery alone or surgery and laser liposuction may be applied for advanced disorders in elderly patients who has been overweight for a long time and lost a lot of weight. The application of laser liposuction reduces the size of the surgical intervention to be performed. Surgical intervention is based on the removal of excess tissue causing the sag and the lifting of the tissues. It is important that patients have realistic expectations. Patients need to be aware of the risks and drawbacks of the surgical operation, of the location of the marks that the wound healing is not the same in every patient, and the marks may be evident.

What is the most efficient method in leg aesthetics?

The greatest improvement in leg aesthetics is the Cellulaze, a cellulite laser with a permanent 70-80% recovery at a single session for cellulitis, an issue which, 85 of 100 women suffer at varying intensities. In the surgical treatment of cellulitis, the method of release called sub sizing was used but this method alone was not sufficient. Because, the only problem is not that the fibrous bands are the result of skin rupture. At the same time, there is a need for a method to treat the oil herniation and skin thinning.


The last and most effective method in the treatment of cellulitis is the special cellulite laser called Cellulaze. Cellulaze is a minimally invasive procedure that releases both fibrous strips and also dissolves herniated adipose tissue and also exfoliates the skin and removes orange peel look and skin dimples, at a single session.

How is the Cellulaze applied?

In the use of Cellulaze laser; the patient needs not to be sedated, only via numbing the cellulite area, with a very small incision the skin is penetrated into, and all the factors that cause cellulite are treated with a laser of a specific wavelength. Another feature that distinguishes Cellulaze is; due to its special design, it can give laser beam to desired areas.


The biggest advantage of Cellulaze is that it treats cellulites at a single session permanently.