It Is Possible To Have Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics With Nasal Filling!
It Is Possible To Have Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics With Nasal Filling!

People who are afraid of having surgery or do not want to experience long recovery processes prefer non-surgical rhinoplasty. Among the applications made for this purpose, a nasal filling is the most common procedure. A nasal filler is also among the reasons for preference for those who do not want to take irreversible risks with surgery. The price of nasal filling may vary depending on the areas where the operation will be performed.


How to Make Nose Aesthetics Without Surgery?

The purpose of this application is to shape the nose with the only filling procedure without radical changes. Most of the time, you do not even need anesthesia for this procedure. The existing collapse, skew, or irregular profile in the nose is filled with suitable fillers. A filling is applied to the muscles that pull the tip of the nose down to make the nose look upturned. Contour corrections can also be made with fillings made in the same area. Without surgical intervention, you can easily achieve the desired aesthetic appearance with small touches. However, corrections are not made for size problems in the nose with nasal filling applications. The nose cannot be made smaller by nasal filling. If you are looking for temporary but repeatable solutions to remove deformities in the nose, you can apply them to filling applications.


Which Procedures Can Be Performed With Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

  • The nose-lip intersection can be made clear.
  • The back of the nose may become flattered.
  • Asymmetries in the nose can be eliminated.
  • Deformities that occur as a result of nasal aesthetic surgeries can be corrected.
  • The tip of the nose can be lifted.
  • Curvatures in the nose can be removed completely or partially.
  • Volume deficiencies can be compensated for the tip of the nose, the back of the nose, and the lateral parts of the nose.
  • Aesthetic problems caused by fractures can be corrected.
  • Asymmetrical nostrils can be made more symmetrical.




How long does the nose tip lift take?

An average of 15-30 minutes is sufficient for the nose lift, which is one of the filling applications. Patients do not need any healing process after application. An important advantage of this procedure is that patients can return to daily life immediately after the application. Procedures such as non-surgical nasal arch correction are also included in these filling applications. Since the areas to be filled in the nose are numbed with local anesthesia, the pain sensation during the application is minimized.




Which Materials Are Used For Non-Surgical Nose Shaping?

The most commonly used materials for liquid rhinoplasty or non-surgical rhinoplasty are options with hyaluronic acid and calcium apatite. Dermal filling materials obtained from the patient's body can also be used for nasal filling.


What Are The Risks In Nose Filling Applications?

Although the nasal filling is a simple procedure, some complications may develop after this procedure. After filling, the nose and the capillary arteries around it can be occluded and this is an important complication. If the filling needle comes into the vein, hyaluronic acid may occlude the vein. As a result, problems arise in the circulation of the arteries, necroses may occur in the skin and a scar may be left in the nose.


How Long Is The Permanence Of Nose Filling Application?

The nasal filling has a permanence of 8-24 months. The effect and permanence of the filling application vary according to the type and amount of filling used and the biological processes of the person. You can decide whether you need a permanent operation on your nose during this period by having the temporary filling procedure done. Thus, without the need for surgical intervention, you can remove deformities in your nose, achieve your dream appearance, and have a painless treatment process.