Aesthetic surgery non-surgical interventions to genital areas has become very popular in recent years for both male and females. The aim is to make the patient feel better socially and to improve the partnership harmony.

What are the surgical interventions made in the female genital area?

1- Labioplasty: Labium major (external lip) and labium minor (internal lip) in female external genital area may be deformed with age or structurally. The most common problem is that labium minors (inner lip) sagging to the outside of labium major (outer lip). This condition bothers the patients both cosmetically and disrupts their personal hygiene. Surgically, these deformities can be corrected and after about 4 weeks of sexual abstinence the patient can continue their sexual life without noticing the marks of the operation.
2-Vaginoplasty: is the process of surgical narrowing of the vagina. The vagina may be deformed due to structural or postnatal loosening. To resolve this problem which affects the sexual life negatively; the vaginal canal is narrowed by decreasing the mucosal tissue from the vaginal wall and stitching it again. The patient can return to their social life after 2-3 days, and after about 4 weeks of sexual abstinence after the procedure, the patients can continue their sexual life.
3- Cliteroplasty: The clitoris is the bulge in the upper junction of both labiums just above the urinary tract. Sometimes it can cause discomfort in women if it is too big. The excess tissue is surgically removed and the remaining part is sutured with the melting stitches. Cliteroplasty is sometimes combined with labioplasty.
4- Vulva Aesthetics: Abdominal region at the upper part of the female genital area, excess fat can be removed with liposuction for patients with normal height / weight ratio. In advanced age patients, fat injection may be performed due to fat atrophy.


The most common genital aesthetic surgical procedures performed in males; Penis Extension, Penis Thickening and Genital Region Liposuction. As a result of the patient's detailed physical examination and laboratory examinations, if there is an additional syndromic and metabolic disease, the diagnosis must be made absolutely.

What are the Genital Aesthetics Practices for Males?

1-Penis Extension: The most effective method for lengthening the penis is the method of releasing the ligament, which is inserted into the penis bone with a small incision from the root of the penis. An average of 2-3 cm penis length is achieved. Another method to extend the penis length is by making various cuts (Z Plasti, V-Y Plasti) on the front and back of the penis. After the procedure an average of 4 weeks of sexual abstinence is applied.
2- Penis Thickening: The penis can be thickened by an average of 2-3 cm using permanent or temporary fillings. The most preferred permanent filler is fat graft. Hyaluronic acid fillings are preferred most frequently in temporary fillings.
3- Liposuction in the Penis Root: In patients with excessive fat accumulation in the penis root, application of liposuction to the penis root prolongs the size of the penis relatively.