New generation Skin care technology OxyGeneo is a skin care product that offers 3 basic treatments at the same time and is separated from other methods by this feature. OxyGeneo cleanses the outer layer of the skin from dead cells while providing a unique revitalizing formula that provides the skin with nutrients and oxygen needed for skin. OxyGeneo, inspired by the natural springs that provide oxygen to the skin naturally, allows you to have a smoother skin.

How is the OxyGeneo Applied?

OxyGeneo, which acts on the skin through purification, nurture and oxygen supply; mimics the effect that natural springs create on the skin, triggering a reaction that sends oxygen to areas of the body being treated. At the same time, makes the skin free from dead cells. It creates a suitable environment for nurturing the skin with essential ingredients during and after application. Thanks to the special Capsugen, the gel with rich active ingredients is given under the skin.

Numerous very small carbon dioxide bubbles created by OxyGeneo gently fizzle on the surface of the skin. The OxyGeneo applicator was developed to purge carbon dioxide bubbles from the gas and nurture the epidermis with these bubbles.

OxyGeneo is also a very useful treatment method because it can be applied to all skin types. OxyGeneo is applied to the skin in practical applications that the patient can do in a short time. Disposable materials are used to ensure maximum hygiene in each session. OxyGeneo can be applied alone or in conjunction with different aesthetic applications.

How does OxyGeneo Works?

• It has exfolial effect, which does not cause any irritation even on the most sensitive skin.
• While the skin is cleansed from dead cells, it provides more oxygen and anti-aging effect to the cells.
• The gel applied to the skin during the procedure provides effective anti-aging benefits in the long run
• The skin is more visible, more vibrant, and more refined even after the first treatment.
• The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.
• The skin, which has a pale, opaque appearance before treatment, appears fresher, more vigorous after treatment.
• One of the positive effects of this new generation of oxygen therapy is the increase in skin moisture level. A more moist skin appears both younger and more resistant to signs of aging.
• The process is extremely comfortable. After your treatment you can get back to your everyday life immediately.