The most obvious advantage of the Ultherapy system over other non-surgical methods is that it works with the principle of increasing both the tightness of the SMAS membrane and increasing the collagen system by targeting the SMAS membrane located in the skin layer with focused ultrasound (USG) energy.

Why Ultherapy?

We must divide the methods applied to facial rejuvenation into surgical and non-surgical treatments. Most of the non-surgical practices remain in the superficial layer of our skin. However, the most important events of the aging process are the loosening of our skin and the increase in the depth of the wrinkles. The reason for this effect is; the SMAS layer, which is a fibrous membrane, just below our skin, that surrounds our facial muscles and allows our facial movement to co-ordinate with the movement of our mimic muscles, tied to our skin. In face and neck stretching operations we are aiming at the tightness of the SMAS membrane with processes towards the SMAS layer. Therefore, none of the other non-surgical methods can not affect the SMAS layer, so their results are insufficient.

In Ultherapy system; ultrasound energy directly focuses on the SMAS layer, allowing the SMAS layer to tighten. The heat created by focused ultrasonic energy tightens the skin by increasing the collagen synthesis, which is the basic building stone of our skin.

To whom is the Ultherapy suitable for?

All patients, who do not want surgical operation with looseness and sagging in the skin are suitable for Ultherapy application.

To What Areas can the Ulthera be Implemented?

With the recent clinical and experimental investigations, we can see that the efficacy of Ultherapy application is not limited to only facial treatments. Ulthera has also been approved by the FDA to be effective in reducing and tightening fine wrinkles in the neck and decollete region. Neck and decollete region are the most difficult areas of treatment today. The effect of Ulthera's neck and decollete area especially on fine wrinkles and skin quality improvement is clearly observed.

What is waiting the Patient after the Implementation?

After implementation, a slight redness of the skin may occur and this redness disappears in 1-2 hours. After an average of 60-90 days post-implementation, noticeable results occur, resulting in tightening of the skin and prominence in the face contours. The effect of the implementation is permanent.