Eye and surroundings have a very important place in beautiful face appearance. The first sign of aging begins around the eyes and mouth. As the life span is longer, the frequency of these operations is also increasing.

Who is suitable for this operation?

Blepharoplasty (eyelid aesthetics) is an operation that removes excess skin from the eyelids to remove the sagging from the lids. The eyelids are a region where the signs of aging begin at the early stage. This operation can be applied to all cases of middle age and above, male and female, who are found suitable after physical examination.

Where will be the operation scars at the eyelid after the eyelid aesthetics surgery?

The upper eyelids are cut from the lid fold and the lower eyelids are cut from under the eyelashes to remove excess tissue. Marks are in the upper eyelid at the fold, and under the eyelashes at the lower eyelids.

How is the Operation Process and Healing Time?

These operations are usually performed under hospital conditions and under local anesthesia. There may be swelling and empurpling for about 7 days after the operation. Because the eyelid skin is too thin, bleeding and empurpling can be excessive, but the healing is also that fast. After about 1 month, the marks come to a level that can only be seen from a close by point.