It is the most common and most implemented practice in the world for body contour correction without surgery.

How does Coolsculpting Work?

This practice, approved by the FDA, is based on the principle of freezing the region with excessive fat via a custom designed nozzle. The frozen fat cells are broken down in a controlled manner and the fat cells in that area are permanently reduced. Freeze-dried fat cells are excreted through the kidneys through the urine.

Does the Implementation offer an immediate result?

In the application area the fat cells are reduced by 30-40% on average. The duration of application session is around 60 minutes. The visual outcome occurs 2-3 months after the implementation.

Is Coolsculpting Generally a Successful Application?

In this implementation, which is quite comfortable, there may be a feeling of discomfort due to vacuum effect during and after implementation. Patients can return directly to their social lives after the application.
The most important factor that increases the success rate in this application is; discussing with your physician as to whether you are the right patient for this practice.