Meet Emsculpt! The Technology That Builds Muscle While Burning Fat
Meet Emsculpt! The Technology That Builds Muscle While Burning Fat

Emsculpt technology offers the opportunity to get a more shaped body without exercising. Emsculpt technology promises you the chance to build muscle, abs, butt lift, hip tightening, in short, to shape your whole body without exercising. Let's take a closer look at this technology to have more fit legs and arms and to comfortably achieve the look you want.


Your body looks tighter, fit, and attractive in proportion to the strength of your muscles. If you look overweight even though you do not gain weight, this may be caused by your muscle loss. Besides, having a fit of your muscles allows you to achieve a smooth and attractive appearance as well as a perfect silhouette. Hips that lose form and fall as you age, show that you have a butt that is too weak to resist gravity. So is regular exercise the only way to strengthen muscles and keep your posture in shape? Is body shaping impossible without sports? With Emsculpt technology, which is a game-changing technology that will allow you to get in shape without spending hours in gyms, you can forget what you have known until today and find answers to all your questions and enjoy building muscle while burning fat. Emsuclpt, which is the first to build muscle without sports, allows you to get rid of your regional excess.

How is Emsculpt Technology Applied?

Emsculpt technology, proven by clinical studies, acts with high-density electromagnetic energy. Thanks to this powerful energy, the muscles in the treated area contract. The application provides the result that you cannot achieve in sports, and allows the muscles to contract 20 thousand times within half an hour. While increasing the work of the muscles and the density of the muscle fibers, it also accelerates the fat burning process in the treated area. Magnificent results are obtained with the breakdown of fat cells and the contraction of the muscles.


Get Tense Abdominal Muscles with Emsculpt

You cannot prevent abdominal sagging despite diet and exercise programs. It strengthens the abdominal muscles that do not get into shape very after pregnancy and rapid weight gain and loss with Emsculpt technology and increases muscle density. In this way, it provides you with a more athletic and flat stomach area. After the studies, it has been observed that Emsculpt is 10% effective in combining the abdominal muscles separated due to the pressure that occurs during pregnancy. Emsculpt enables you to achieve an effect in a short time that is impossible or extremely difficult to get with only exercise programs to strengthen the abdominal muscles.


Say goodbye to low hips with Emsculpt

Emsculpt technology provides excellent benefits, especially for patients who are uncomfortable with their hips and low buttocks that have lost their round form. The analysis results of this treatment method have been tested and confirmed. Emsculpt is the first and only proven non-surgical butt lift solution for low butt and hip shaping. Emsculpt technology treatment is also used in pre rest, arms, and areas to shape the abdomen, butt, and hips. The technology, which fills the eye with such effects, is the preferred treatment method because it is non-surgical.


Fight Sagging Arms With Emsculpt Technology

It is an effective treatment method to regain the tight form of the arms that loosen as the age gets older. Emsculpt treatment is a savior for those who avoid wearing short sleeves in hot weather and prefer long sleeves with long sleeves to hide their arms. Anyone uncomfortable with the appearance of their arms writes about this treatment method that effectively works your muscles so that you have shaped arms.


Say "Hello" to Shapely Legs!

Although the legs are exercised as one of the harder parts of the body, sagging and loosening can be seen especially in the inner legs. Emsculpt technology provides these high results. This technology is useful not only in the inner thighs but also in the lower leg (calf) area.s


Let the muscles in your body look tighter and get in shape, it allows you to reconcile with your body, be free in choosing clothes and make you look more attractive. Meet with Emsculpt technology; Enjoy a form without surgery, pain, and exercise! At this moment, you can register with Op. Dr. Alpaslan Topçu and have about Emsculpt application prices.