For whom is the Breast Reduction Surgery is suitable to?

The growth of the breasts during or after physical development (due to obesity or pregnancy) also leads to a number of physical problems; it is not only about aesthetics. Depending on the weight of the breast, the body may be bent forward, causing back and spine pain, bone deformities, rashes, fungi or sores developing under the breast, numbness in the eyes and pain in the neck may be due to the breast size of the patient. You will decide with your physician whether you will be eligible for this operation after a physical examination.

What are preparations before the operation?

Before operation; it should be checked whether the patient’s breasts continues to grow and whether there is a mass in the breasts as a result of the physical examination. If there is any suspicious finding as a result of the physical examination, an additional problem should be investigated by using imaging methods (ultrasonography, mammography, etc.) and additional hormone tests should be carried out.

Can Milk Be Supplied After Breast Reduction Operation?

In breast reduction surgery, if there is a future pregnancy planned by the patient, methods of protecting the nipple and milk channel are used. As a result, even if nipple protection methods are used, the risk of not giving milk in the future is between 1-5%.

What kind of a mark remain after the breast reduction surgery?

In breast reduction as per the breast volume; a mark extending only around the nipple head, around the nipple head and under the nipple head (lollipop) or an inverted T-shaped mark can occur. These marks will never disappear completely. These marks first become red and fade over time. Whatever the mark is, the mark remains inside the bra.

How long does Breast Reduction Operation lasts and what needs to be taken care of after?

The operation must be performed in a full-fledged hospital and it is preferable to perform the operation under general anesthesia. The duration of operation is around 3 hours, depending on the amount of breast tissue. The average hospital stay is 1 day. After operation, the drainage of the blood, which prevents the blood from accumulating in the operation area, can be kept for 1-2 days according to the decision of your physician. When the blood drops below a certain amount, the drain is removed. Patients are asked not to lift heavy weight for the first 15 days after surgery. After the operation, for an average 1 month a restorative bra is used. The breast is shaped at 80% in 2 months. It takes an average of 6 months to get a their full version.