Breasts have a very important place in female anatomy as an indispensable sign of FEMININITY, FERTILITY and WOMANHOOD figures throughout history. Accepted breast measurements have changed according to social predictions throughout history.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery and to whom is it Applicable?

Patients who developmentally have small breasts patients who have ejaculation or fast weight loss due to baby delivery, patients with size differences between both breasts are the appropriate group of patients for breast augmentation surgery.

Are You Suitable For Breast Augmentation Surgery?

You should decide whether you are a suitable patient for this surgery based on the results of the physical examination performed by your physician.

What types of methods are used in breast augmentation?

Today, the most commonly used breast augmentation technique is breast enlargement with a silicone prosthesis. Another popular method in breast augmentation operation is with the patient's own fat.

How many Prosthesis are out there, is the Silicon Prosthesis Dangerous, Does it need to be replaced?

There are two types of silicone prosthesis. The one is filled with gel and the second one is already filled with gel. Which prosthesis is to be used depends on the physician's preference. The prosthesis filled with gel; has two types one is round and the second is anatomic (drop). Which type is to be used from among these two; is determined according to the examination results of the patient, the requested shape and the preference of the physician. There are no proven injuries to the body in today's types of silicone prosthesis. The body covers the prosthesis with a thin membrane called capsule. If an approved (FDA approved) , well-reputed prosthesis is used, there is no need to replace the prosthesis in case there is no deformity.

What do you need to do to get a natural result after breast augmentation operation?

As with all today's aesthetic surgery operations, the natural look is also aimed at breast augmentation aesthetics. For the natural look result; the most suitable silicone prosthesis should be inserted according to your chest diameter, your breast diameter, and so on. Today, thanks to advanced 3D imaging systems, you can see a simulation of your breast shape after operation before operation. This is very important so that the result has a more natural look. Our clinic has a 3D imaging system.