What is abdominal lifting operation (Abdominoplasty)?

Sometimes even with normal measurements and weight, some excess, looseness and sagging may occur. The most important reasons for this situation are; rapid weight changes, excessive weight gain during pregnancy, multiple pregnancies, genetic features and previous surgical procedures. If you want a more flat and firm belly, an abdominal lifting operation can help you. Abdominal lifting operation is the process of taking the excess fat and tissue at the same time. In some patients, concurrently loosened abdominal muscles can also be repaired. This provides a more flat and tight appearance of the abdomen.

How many abdomen-lifting operations are there?

There are two types of abdominal lifting operations, full and mini abdominal lifting. Mini abdominal lifting is the process of stretching only the region under the belly button. The belly button remains in place, a shorter mark remains, and the waist and upper region are not affected. Generally, mini abdominal lifting is performed together with Liposuction operation. In the full abdomen operation the belly button is released and the whole abdominal area is interfered up to the ribs and a new belly button is created.

Who is suitable for this operation?

It should not be forgotten that abdominal lifting operations are not weight losing operations but body contouring operations. You should decide with your physician after your physical examination whether you are a suitable patient for this operation. Mini and Full abdominal stretching operations must be definitely carried out in a full-fledged hospital. These operations are mostly performed under general anesthesia.
It is advisable to postpone this operation for patients who are considering birth delivery within a short period (for about 1 year). Smoking patients are advised to quit smoking at least 15 days before surgery. Smoking is a major risk factor for lifting operations, specifically since it affects small vessels. Blood-thinning medications such as aspirin and vitamins should also be quitted at least 7-10 days before surgery. Patients with an additional health problem also need to obtain an approval certificate that this operation can be performed from the department where they are followed.

What is the healing process after the operation?

The duration of the operation is about 3-4 hours. You should stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days after the operation. When you wake up after the operation, the purpose of the corset that you will find on is to shape your body and speed up the adhesion of the tissues. Again, after surgery, the drainage of blood in the operation area prevents the accumulation of blood (drain) can be kept for 1-2 days according to your physician’s preference. When the blood drops below a certain amount, the drain is taken out. After the operation, you may need to lean forward and walk as such for the first few days due to the tension in your abdominal region. This tension gradually decreases. Within 10 days you will be able to return to social and business life. At the end of 1 month, your healing is completed by 70% on average. Usually after 1 month all exercises are free.

Is the Mark of Abdominal Tension Operation Lost?

The most wondered about topic after the abdominal lifting operation is the marks left after the operation. The marks will never disappear. Only over time the marks and the redness diminish. The mark is designed to remain under your underwear.